Who We Are

We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals who share a vision to develop innovative and affordable dual purpose indigenous solution for everyday problem faced by India.



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Our Business

Established by an Army veteran,we got incorporated in 2017,with a focus to develop Indian solution for global application with support of academia and IITs.

The company understands value of research and development and have therefore, forged partnership with user, academia to first understand the problem and then leverage the expertise of professional to arrive at a solution.

We have focussed our energy on to develop solution for in the field of Command & Control (C2C), Language Technologies,Radars, Encryption devices, Automation with IoT and unique requirementof our troops operating in Extreme Cold Climate and Maoist affected Jungles.


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Carporate Office

F-601, Ranjit Vihar-2 Sector-23 Dwarka New Delhi 110077

Mob: 9811797102


No. 5 Downing Street, Vatika farms, Vill- Karankari, Sohna Haryana

Mob: 9818153956

Development Center (Pune)

SR.No.:14/1/A+16 Dhyaneshwar Co-operative Housing Socienty Ltd. Office No : B11.Behind Vishweshwar Sahakari Bank Chavan Nagar Pune- 411043

Mob: 9818153956

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